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In Japan, the cloth of the wedding dress makes the dress cloth by which the inside and our company with a lot of polyester subjects stuck to silk to the last.
Recently, [oriya] that can weave high-level silk made in Japan domestically decreases.
Our company is one company of very few [oriya] that can weave high-level silk made in Japan.
Fukui Prefecture is a chief producing district of a double wing. Our company in Fukui Prefecture will propose the special dress cloth from a technology of habutae that cultivates it and skilled extra fine raw silk by the technology of the made original thread making a habutae it.

Point 1  Silk cloth it is thick and with retractility

Point 1

Point 1

The cloth can shrink moderately for the rental dress, the size fit, and a comfortable dress be worn.

Because it is silk, it is lighter than polyester.

If it is upper body use, it is one of the features that another doesn't have a so many bridal cloths that do the stretch without trouble unusually though it is more expensive than polyester.

Point 2  Cloth it is easy in the skin that made of natural fabric

Point 2

The length string is used and the natural fabrics such as polyester, hemp, organic cotton, and the wool that can be done with corn that is an nature material are used for silk and the width string. It is recommended in one with delicate skin such as atopy and allergies.

The luster of silk is kept by weaving the length string of silk.

Point 3  Jaquard skill make it possible to three-dimensional pattern and color

Point 3

Point 3

I will develop a three-dimensional handle that not is before and the color cloth by technology of the handle putting out of digital jacquard and our original string use.

Can it make it more attractive, and the assortment of patterns be made.


Point 4  Expression of gloss and variegated form

Point 4

Luster and variegated shape are made from the weave of a stainless string to silk.

A thin cloth like the silk organdy can be developed.

Because shape is maintained thinly and lightly, the drape part of the dress can be expressed beautifully and delicately.

Point 5  Development of broad cloth

Point 5

Point 5

It is putting a lot of energy into development of cloth with wide width up to 134 cm - 3 m. The bridal dress of an one-sheet cut into which a stitch does not go can be made from making wide silk. The inquiry about bridal dress cloth.


Please feel free to contact us for more information about textiles for the bridal dresses of Tsuboyoshi.

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