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The principle of the reproduction of the image of digital jacquard looks like image photographs of the printed matter of the newspaper and the magazine, etc.
The photograph has the one color of thousands of 10000 colors, and to make printed matter, requires the one color of thousands of 10000 colors ink. It is impossible in technical and the cost to reproduce the photograph with the cloth in a similar technique. However, digital jacquard is only five colors (three primary colors, the blacks of cyanogen, the magenta, and yellow, and white), and, as such, the image is pseudoshown as shown in former photograph. It challenges the jacquard cloth that decreases the number of weft strings to the utmost limit by our making the best use of only a digital characteristic, and using the primary color of 3 and four colors.

Digital Jacquard

Digital Jacquard

The point of the image above is called a halftone dot in the printing industry, and I think comprehensible when thinking the point to see this one respect on the surface of the organization of the cloth. It is the same as the point of the color that this respect is basically on the cloth.

The digital jacquard cloth that our company is handling works on conversion from former image to data for the weaving machine by original software and skil.

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